Nardeen Galuaa

Field of Practice:



Solitude fellowship

City, Country:

Alexandria, Egypt


2020, 2021


July 2020 - Dez 2020

Born in Alexandria/Egypt in 1992.

Nardeen Galuaa is a visual artist. In 2019, she received her MA in philosophy and mathematical principles within art from Alexandria University, Alexandria/Egypt, where she currently works as an assistant lecturer. Galuaa’s artistic practice ranges from research-based and contemporary art to experimenting with various forms of new media. In the process, she explores algorithmic systems based on mathematical concepts including growth, decline, subdivision, and repeating patterns.

In 2016, Galuaa participated in the Independent Art Studio & Study Program at MASS Alexandria, which led to her nomination for Farocki Now: A Temporary Academy, held at the silent green Kulturquartier in Berlin/Germany in 2017.

In 2018, Galuaa co-founded an art duo, Solælune, alongside Alieldin Ayman (fellow 2020/21). The pair seeks to experiment with philosophical video games with the goal of creating awareness of humanitarian issues such as the refugee crisis, and proposing alchemy as a medium to comprehend the human soul and its potential.

Selected projects: Nomad: The Pilgrimage (video game 2018), -2700°C, Beautiful Violence (installation/ Computer-Generated Imagery 2016).