Chan-Kyong Park

Field of Practice:

Visual Arts

City, Country:

Kyong-gi-do Koyang-si, South Korea


2002, 2003


Jan 2002 - Aug 2002

Born 1965 in Seoul/South Korea.

Studied fine arts at the Seoul National University and art and photography at the California Institute of the Arts.

Since 1995 working as an artist and a writer. Currently teaching at the Korean National University of the Arts, Kyongwon University.

He is also involved in various “alternative” practices such as “alternative space pool” (art space) and “Forum a” (artist network and art journal). Solo exhibition “Black Box” (Kumho Museum, Seoul, 1997).

Selected group exhibitions: “Media City Seoul/Media Art 2000” (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art) and “Alienation and Assimilation” (The Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago).

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