Chantal Magano Kambrude


Namibia fellowship

City, Country:

Windhoek, Namibia




May 2022 - Aug 2022

Chantal Magano Kambrude is a multidisciplinary artist based in Windhoek/Namibia.

Since childhood, Chantal has had a keen interest in all things artistic, from painting and ceramics to fabrics.

In 2021, she completed her diploma in fashion design at the College of the Arts in Windhoek, showcasing her collection at the MTC Windhoek Fashion Week the same year. Alongside textile and fashion design, her work encompasses poetry, performance, dance, music and acting. Through her practice, Chantal shares her God-given gifts for his glory, unifying enterprise and the Earth. Her art speaks to being truly authentic, seeing oneself as God does and living by the faith. She hopes her »heART« encourages others to »believe and trust enough to share the gifts God gave, no matter where they find themselves or where they come from«.

As a visual artist, her work has featured in murals, competitions and festivals in and around Windhoek, namely the FNCC 25th Anniversary Gate Project (2016), at Warehouse Theatre Wall (2016), RedBull Amaphiko Graffiti Workshop & Mural (2018), ArtBattle Namibia (2018) and at the 2021 Otjomuise Live Arts Festival.

Chantal now focuses on sharing all her »heART« full time.