Enrique Irazoqui

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Cadaqués, Spain


2013, 2014, 2015

Born 1944 in Barcelona/Spain.

Enrique Irazoqui is an actor, economist, professor for literature, expert for information technology and artificial intelligence, editor of a magazine on computer chess, among others.

As an actor, he became famous for his role as Jesus Christ in the film The Gospel according to St. Matthew by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1964). In 2002, he was the arbiter during the Brains in Bahrain chess match between world champion Vladimir Kramnik and the computer program Deep Fritz which ended in a tie.

Enrique Irazoqui is the editor oft the yearly magazine Computer Chess Digest, as well as the organizer and arbiter of many chess tournaments, above all of the Cadaqués Computer Tournament.