Iavor Gardev

Field of Practice:

Performing Arts

City, Country:

Sofia, Bulgaria


1997, 1998


Sept 1997 - Feb 1998

Born in Sofia, 1972.

He studied philosophy at the University of Sofia and was trained as a producer at the Bulgarian Academy for theatre and film in Sofia.

His works include productions at the Dimitrovgrad and Sliven State Theatre, Sofia.

He was assistant producer with Ivan Dobtchev and Margarita Mladenova: One hundred years of solitude by G. García Marquez (1996).

From 1991 until now: many publications in the fields of philosophy, esthetics, art and social criticism in the bulgarian philosophy and science journals, literary journals, culture weeklies and daily press. From 1994 on, co-creator and member (together with Georgi Tenev and Nikola Toromanov) of the Triumviratus Art Group. From 1997 on: director of the Theatre-laboratory SFUMATO, Sofia (“Quartet” by Heiner Müller & Co. in 1999)