Mikael Mikael

Field of Practice:

Visual Arts


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Sept 2011 - Sept 2011

Born 1974, he studied at Udk Berlin and at HFBK Hamburg. Today he lives in different places and in different time periods. In his artistic work Mikael Mikael deals with the notion of the construction of an individual identity and with the practies of artistic intervention in our society.

b) Project description
As a global, displaced person, he deals with an ideal type of accommodations and places to hide, temporary places of staying, disappearance and reappearance, for example caravans, tree houses and ground holes etc.. At Solitude, he will show the work »Retreat #1« which consists of

– Video Retreat #1, DVD, 12:00
Set photographs Retreat #1, Prints, 80 x 80cm
Installation (tarpaulin and suspension) Retreat #1, var. plastics, approx. 160 x 180 cm
Protective clothing Retreat #1, showcase, approx. 200 x 60cm

– In addition to »Retreat #1«, Mikael Mikael shows extracts from the series »To White Out«, a collection on protective clothing, where Mikael Mikael brings up the aesthetics of disaster and the associated visuel strategy. A small publication will accompany »To White Out«.