Monika Maron

Field of Practice:


City, Country:

Berlin, Germany


2000, 2001

Monika Maron was born 1941 in Berlin.

After her Abitur (high school diploma) she worked as an industrial milling cutter for one year and then studied theater and art history. After receiving her university degree she was a directorial assistant for a television station and later wrote as a journalist for the “Wochenpost”.

Working since 1976 as a free lance writer, she emigrated from East Berlin to West Germany in 1988, first living in Hamburg and now back in Berlin.

Bibliography: Flugasche [Flight Ashes]. Novel. (S. Fischer, 1981); Die Überläuferin [The Defector]. Novel. (S. Fischer, 1986); Trotzdem herzliche Grüße. Ein deutsch-deutscher Briefwechsel. (mit Joseph von Westphalen) [Nevertheless, warmest regards – a German-German exchange of letters (with Joseph von Westphalen)] (S. Fischer, 1988); Pawels Briefe [Pawel’s Letters], novel. (S. Fischer Verlag, Frankfurt 1999).