Nov 17, 2007

Exhibition evening: Mind Hacking (overloaded)

Date: Nov 17, 2007, 20:00 Uhr

Duration: Nov 17, 2007

Location: Projektraum Römerstraße 2A

Besides the “classical” virtual worlds of religion, spirituality and philosophy are the technology-generated worlds of computer games, cyberspace and science fiction films. All of these worlds are characterized through their parallel relationship to what we call reality. Imagination and reality seem to be eternally connected through an invisible thread and quasi determine the people’s thinking and actions. “Mind Hacking (overloaded)” explores the extent to which these virtual worlds affect or form our daily lives. The focus lies on video and film works that deal with constructing and deconstructing reality. The evening was initiated and curated by Antonio Lotz and Theresa Frölich.

Including Ariane Andereggen, Sanford Biggers, Dara Birnbaum, Mike Bouchet, Susanne Bürner, Klaus vom Bruch, Kota Ezawa, Christian Jankowski, Inge Kamps, Halina Kliem, Karolina Kowalska, Jen Liu, Lynne Marsh, Bjørn Melhus, Jenny Michel, Shana Moulton, Claus Richter, Magdalena von Rudy, Oliver Sann/Beate Geissler, Corinna Schnitt, Erica Scourti, Jackie Sumell/Herman Wallace and Adriane Wachholz.

Antonia Lotz (*1979 in Wuppertal) studied art history, philosophy and applied cultural studies in Münster and Perugia. She has curatorial experience through her work in such institutions as the Landesmuseum Münster (2001), the Galerie Alfonso Artiaco in Naples (2003) and the Westphalian Kunstverein Münster (2004–2006). Lotz was an Art Coordination fellow at Solitude in 2006. Her fellowship was sponsored by the Art Foundation of Northern Rhine-Westfalia.