Feb 5, 2010

Hamed Taheri »Femmina Balba« – FULLY BOOKED! –

Date: Feb 4, 2010, 20:00 Uhr


Location: Akademie Schloss Solitude

One day, the three-year-old child Useppe and his kitten simply disappear without a trace. No one knows what has happened. Useppe’s mother, Femmina Balba, hears the kitten’s constant cries and follows them everywhere, searching for her son. In this one-person play, Hamed Taheri takes his audience on a trip through the modern world, whose state is unsparingly revealed in Femmina Balba’s search for her son. But what can be infinitely destroyed can infinitely survive. »Femmina Balba« was world premiered during the Summer in Stuttgart 07 Festival and was celebrated as the festival event. During his time at Solitude, Taheri worked on a new version of »Femmina Balba«, which will be performed three times, starring Elisa Rössler.

Costumes: Tobias Bodio

Due to limited seating, please register at mr@akademie-solitude.de or 0711-99619-0

Hamed Taheri (*1975 in Tabriz/Iran) graduated in electronics at the KNT University in Teheran/Iran. Already during his studies he founded the »Black Narcissus« theater in 1995 and directed several plays. His first own production »The Nights of Annihilation« premiered in 1999. Other successful productions followed. Recently, Taheri realized his play »Femmina Balba« at the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart as part of the Summer in Stuttgart 07. He is a Solitude fellow in 2009/2010.