POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth in Croatia

In 2009 the exchange program with POGON – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth has been initiated. The center builds a bridge between public administration in the area of youth and culture and the independent art scene in Zagreb. The main focus lies on the organization of entrance free public events for artists and cultural workers from all art disciplines as well as on youth work in Zagreb.
The international artist-in-residence-program belongs to the activities that POGON has been building and promoting on its own authority.

Cooperation fellows from Croatia at Solitude

Zvonimir Marčić (Oct–Dec 2009), Iva Marčetić (Nov 2011–Jan 2012), Mitch McEwen (Oct 2012–June 2013), Ana Sladetic (Sept–Nov 2012), Vesna Vukovic (Oct–Dec 2013), Maja Marković (Sept–Nov 2014), Katerina Duda (Oct–Dec 2015), Ana Kovačić (Oct–Dec 2016), Vanja Babić (Oct–Dec 2017), Luiza Margan (Feb–Apr 2019), Laura Barić (Oct–Dec 2019), Selma Banich (Sept–Nov 2023).