Lark Alder

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Web Residencies

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Nov 2020 - Dez 2020


Born in 1981 in Santa Ana/USA.

Lark Alder aka. Lark VCR explores the personal, political, and social implications of an increasingly digitized and bioengineered world. VCR stands for Virtually Conflicted Reality–the state of perpetual disconnect we navigate as cognizant individuals who have no choice but to participate in systems defined by injustice. Leveraging hybrid forms of video and web-based media, their projects offer queer feminist visions for future technology’s role in mediating magic and intimacy.

Lark teaches courses at intersections of art, technology, and queerness at the Stanford University, Stanford/USA, and at the San José State University, San José/USA, as a lecturer in the 2020–2021 academic year. Lark received an MFA in art practice from UC Berkeley, Berkeley/USA, in 2016 and was awarded grants from the Center of Cultural Innovation, East Bay Fund for Artists, and the Murphy & Cardogan Contemporary Art Award.

They curate queer arts events as the 2018–2020 faculty fellow at the SJSU LGBTQ+ PRIDE Center in San José and their work has shown at the San José Institute of Contemporary Art (2018), at MIX NYC Experimental Queer Film Festival, New York/USA (2017), at Frameline Film Festival, San Francisco/USA (2014), at Gender Bodies and Technology Conference: TechnoLogics – Power and Resistanceat Virginia Tech, Roanoke/USA (2019), and at Schwules Museum in Berlin/Germany (2017).