Olivia Berkowicz

Field of Practice:

Societal/Communal-based Work


Solitude fellowship

City, Country:

Stockholm, Sweden


2020, 2021


Oct 2020 - June 2021

Born in Göteborg/Sweden in 1990.

Olivia Berkowicz is a curator, writer and editor. She works at the intersection of critical visuality studies and contemporary art theory, manifesting itself in work on memory, translocality and alternative solidarities. Her previous studies include an MA in curatorial studies (2016) and a BA in History of Art (2013), at Stockholm University/Sweden and Goldsmiths College, University of London/UK respectively.

Together with Marianna Feher, she is the organizer and curator of Tentative Transmits (2020–2022), a discursive radio project investigating the »former East« supported by an artistic research grant from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm and Stockholm City culture fund. From 2020 to 2021, Berkowicz and Carla Garlaschi (aka Princess Prada) are working towards a reiteration of the happening Quinceañera, which reflects on regional pop choreographies and queer liminality as forms of dissident gatherings.

She is a founding member of the interdisciplinary collective resina, which investigates notions of care, ecofeminism and informal learning environments. She is also a founder of Ferrara Residency, an international residency program in Ferrara/Italy. Since 2017, artists and researchers have been invited to explore forms of togetherness while reflecting on means of precarious and affective labor under capitalist conditions.

In recent years, she has worked as curator and producer at Grafikens Hus, Södertälje/Sweden (2019–2020), at Sörmland Museum, Nyköping/Sweden (2018–2019), at The Living History Forum, Stockholm (2018), and The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (2017).