Mar 16 – Apr 25, 2021

»Beyond Walls – Über Grenzen hinaus«

Date: Mar 16, 2021, 00:00 Uhr

Duration: Mar 16 – Apr 25, 2021

Location: Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

Opening times:

Thu–Sun: 10 am–6 pm

Fri: 10 am–9 pm


Due to the COVID-19 regulations of the State of Baden-Württemberg which took effect on November 2, 2021, the exhibition opening as originally planned had to be postponed. As the museums in Stuttgart reopened after the lockdown on March 16, 2021, »Beyond Walls« in Kunstmuseum Stuttgart could also finally open.

Sadly, all museums in Stuttgart had to close again on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Rheim Alkadhi, »Disappeared Border Segment (Toward the Inalienable Right of the Dispossessed to Cross from Every Direction)«, Gebrauchte Industrieplane, Fundstücke, 2020

Akademie Schloss Solitude is presenting the exhibition »Beyond Walls« on the occasion of its 30th anniversary at Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. It unites works by current and former fellows whose work addresses national, cultural or linguistic borders – barriers that have a considerable impact on our society. Reflecting the Akademie’s international character, the artists grapple with geopolitical and social phenomena in places like Stuttgart, Beirut and Lubumbashi.

Using various media, the artists question the way we live together. Why is our need to distance ourselves from each other often stronger than our drive to think and act collectively? Particularly in a time when our society is changing rapidly as a result of COVID-19, the exhibition opposes a politics of division, instead underscoring the importance of responsibility and caring for and about one another.

Artists: Rheim Alkadhi, Shirin Barghnavard, Chiara Bugatti, Butterland (Regina Dürig und Christian Müller), Estudio Jochamowitz Rivera, Ana Filipovic/Philipp Mecke, Giuliana Kiersz, Manuel Mathieu, Rietlanden Women’s Office (Elisabeth Rafstedt & Johanna Ehde), Padraig Robinson, Georges Senga

Exhibition design: Fotini Lazaridou-Hatzigoga, Ilke Penzlien


Accompanying program

new date: Friday, April 16, 2021, 7 pm
Film screening »INVISIBLE« by Shirin Barghnavard

The documentary film Invisible (2019) by Shirin Barghnavard shows remnants of the Berlin Wall, while voices of international artists speak about their own experiences of separation and exclusion. Following the screening, Shirin Barghnavard (director) and Mohammad Reza Jahanpanah (producer, camera) will talk about the film. The discussion will be moderated by Doreen Mende (Harun Farocki Institute, Berlin).

The film will be shown at the exhibition for the entire day on April 24 and 25, 2021.

Register to attend via Zoom at The film will be made available online upon registration.


new date: Friday, April 23, 2021, 7 pm
Online-Lecture by Ana Filipovic »Beyond Stucco: The Architectures of Commodified Housing«

Since the turn of the millennium, the housing sector has been developing at a rapid pace from being a common good into a vehicle for profit accumulation. In a conversation with Anh-Linh Ngo, editor-in-chief of ARCH+ magazine, architect and artist Ana Filipovic will explore the question what spatial embodiments such a profit-oriented logic produces.

The past several decades, and in Berlin particularly the last one, mark the paradigm shift in housing, which transitioned from a common good into a vehicle for profit accumulation. This shift introduced the novel, hyper-optimized, and monetized spatial logic in housing planning, governed primarily by quantitative properties of a dwelling. What kind of architecture such logic produces, and what are its material and ecological properties? In the context of today’s booming capital, what are the dominant real estate narratives and their spatial embodiments? The prevalence of for-profit production over nonprofit one reaffirms its mainstream position, and as such, it deserves to be scrutinized for its ability to shape the collective understanding of what housing is.

Register to attend via Zoom at


Friday, December 18, 2020, 7 pm
»Rehearsing Brutality, until it is totally destroyed«

Performance by Chiara Bugatti. In cooperation with the Stuttgart Ballet.
With the friendly support of Kremer Pigmente GmbH & Co. KG

The performance is unfortunately cancelled due to the Corona pandemic.


Curators: Elke aus dem Moore, Sarie Nijboer, Sebastian Schneider


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